Ninja brings back ‘old ninja’ in epic Fortnite World Cup outburst

Popular Twitch streamer Fortnite first blew up back in early 2018, although he has become slightly more lenient with himself as time has gone by.

  • Read More: Halo 3 and H1Z1, Ninja spent a fair amount of his time in high-intensity competitive environments, and because of his skill in Fortnite, decided to compete in the online qualifiesr for the Fortnite World Cup, boasting a massive prize pool of over $40 million.

    For the initial weekend of the Fortnite World Cup’s online qualifying event, Ninja was streaming his attempt at qualifying for the Solo Online Open finals when he found himself in an intense battle with another player in-game.

    In the clip, Ninja eventually drops from the roof and gets the kill on the other player after a shaky start to the fight, and then let out a classic Ninja rant toward his opponent, clearly loosening up from his usual more child-friendly reactions.

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    Many fans were shocked with Ninja’s outburst towards the other player because of his efforts to keep his Twitch streams ‘PG’ when Fortnite was initially released.

    Having said that, Ninja has still retained some more mature oriented streams, which he calls ‘Ninja after dark’ – signifying to kids (and their parents), that he might be a little more lax on cursing and calling out opponents.

    His decision to be largely curse-free on his regular streams did cause division in the community, with some arguing it was a form of ‘selling out’, but others simply believe it is the correct decision given his audience and ambitions for growth on the platform, to make himself as accessible as possible for viewers of all ages.