Ninja brands Fortnite squads as ‘boring’ after v8.20 patch – Dr Disrespect responds - Dexerto

Ninja brands Fortnite squads as ‘boring’ after v8.20 patch – Dr Disrespect responds

Published: 29/Mar/2019 0:44 Updated: 29/Mar/2019 4:05

by Marcus Banks


Top Fortnite player, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, is far from happy with the latest Fortnite update which saw the siphon mechanic removed.

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After being added to the default playlists back in Season 7, Epic Games opted to revert the changes in their latest Fortnite patch with the settings reserved only for their arena modes.

This meant that players would no longer receive health and materials on elimination and would be unable to benefit from the 40% harvesting rate increase – making games far more tedious and long-winded.

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Furthermore, there is currently no option to play the arena mode as part of a squad, meaning playing with multiple friends forces you to use the old mechanics – something which Ninja has struggled to enjoy.


Ninja tweeted: “Squads are so dumb and boring now.”

Blevins also sarcastically mocked Epic’s decision on stream highlighting that players are still thirsting their opponents and players are still dying rapidly.

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In response to his tweet, fellow Twitch streamer – Dr Disrespect – joked that Ninja should stop complaining about the changes.

“You’re such a whiny, bratty, complainer,” said Doc. “These developers know what they are doing.”

However, Ninja had the last laugh after unearthing footage of Doc rage quitting while playing Fortnite admitting the game ‘sucked’ and he could no longer play it.

While it’s no surprise at all to see The Doc sharing his rage over Fortnite, it’s become quite the rarity to see Ninja share in-depth thoughts and criticisms about the popular battle royale title.


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It’s no secret that even though Ninja’s popularity has waned in the last few months, he’s still one of the biggest names on Twitch, meaning that his opinions get spread out far and wide. One simply can’t ignore the sheer breadth of his reach in the online gaming space.

Ninja might not be as outspoken as he once was when it comes to his negative opinions about Fortnite, but that perhaps makes what he does say hold even more weight given that it doesn’t come very often.  

Red BullNinja recently received his very own Red Bull can.
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Ninja’s tweets and comments about the recent patch has put even more pressure on Epic Games to revert the changes made to their default playlists with a host of top streamers also questioning their decisions.


It’s true that Epic Games sometimes chooses to not listen to the vocal outcry of the Twitch and professional Fortnite scenes, the developer usually comes around on the major issues before long.

As seen with the infamous planes that plagued the game during Season 7, Epic Games is likely to revert these changes at some point, but just how long it will take remains to be seen.