Ninja and SypherPK take out nearly half the lobby in insane Fortnite game

Ninja and SypherPK were just supposed to be warming up before queuing into Fall Skirmish Squad Goals matches when the duo went off and dropped 43 kills.

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Because they were also joined by Monster, who died early with one kill, the game wasn’t eligible for a world record, even though it was close.

The Duo vs. Squad record is currently 43 but because this officially counts as a Trio vs. Squad match, the mark to beat was 48.

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It’s still an incredibly impressive game, and one the duo would have liked to have during the Squad Goals event, where the goal is simply to rack up the most kills possible as a squad.

Squad Goals just started today, so it isn’t clear how many kills it will take to get a win in the mode, but 43 between two people is an absurdly strong start.

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At the end of the clip, Ninja says: “it ended at 11:03 so if it counts, that would be a miracle, I don’t expect it to, but we can ask.”

Ninja is talking about having the game count in the Squad Goals standings which doesn’t appear likely. It’s a tough break for the duo, and for Bush Bandits, who miss out on a nice amount of points as we enter Week Two of Fall Skirmish.