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Ninja and DrLupo Accuse Fortnite Opponent of Hacking After a Very Suspicious Death

Published: 19/Jun/2018 21:35 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:05

by Calum Patterson


Top Twitch streamer and the most famous Fortnite player, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was on the receiving end of a very suspicious death in the game, and reckoned he had been bested by a hacker.

Compared to many other PC games, Fortnite has had relatively decent control over hackers and cheaters, with players able to easily report any suspicious behaviour in game.

Other top battle royale games and PC shooters such as PUBG and H1Z1: King of the Kill have had severe problems with hackers to varying extents, which some lay at the doorstep of the Chinese player base, who reportedly have less restrictions and more access to cheating software.

Fortnite, until very recently, had no market in China, although Epic Games’ parent company Tencent did announce plans to expand it in the region – which has concerned some players that hacking will become more prevalent.

Ninja is one of the best Fortnite players out there, and while no one is impossible to kill, it certainly takes a skilled opponent to take him out.

That’s why, when he came up against a player whose shots were unbelievably precise, Ninja had to go back to watch the replay from his opponents point of view.

He watches as the player uses the scoped assault rifle and without fail hits every shot on Ninja, with his weapon rather suspiciously tracking Ninja’s every move.

To make matters worse, the player also took out Ninja’s duo partner, fellow streamer DrLupo, with another three ridiculously precise headshots.

DrLupo then asked for the players name, presumably reporting them for what was almost certainly cheating.

Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, has said in the past that it is dedicated to eradicating all forms of cheating, which will be of particular importance in the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, which will include online qualifiers.


Epic confirms long-awaited Fortnite pre-edit changes are coming soon

Published: 31/Oct/2020 4:43

by Andrew Amos


It’s been a long time coming, but now Fortnite players can be put at ease: Epic are working on pre-edit changes to make building easier after years of the community petitioning.

Pre-editing has been a contentious issue in the Fortnite community for years. They’re on for all players, and helps players quickly place a lot of edited builds.

However, most players don’t use pre-editing, so its existence ends up being a hindrance more than anything. It can leave players exposed due to a poor build, something they weren’t intending at the time.

Fortnite player editing build
Epic Games
Pre-edits have been the bane of Fortnite players across the world. Thankfully, Epic are working on disabling them.

A new rallying cry across the community comes across with every new season, pleading with Epic to at least give player the option to disable pre-edits. While they’ve been dodging the issue for quite some time, there’s finally been some solid news.

After a year of uncertainty with Epic stating they were “actively considering” it, they’ve now set their course on giving the community what they want.

“We don’t have an exact timetable, but we’re going to [add a disable pre-edit option],” community coordinator TheStevieT told players on Reddit.

It comes after more clips of players dying because of their pre-edited builds went viral across Reddit and other social media platforms. It’s quite the common occurrence, and with Epic now solidifying their stance, it’s got players excited.

That being said, it could be a little while before it’s added. They’ve started work, but without an exact timetable in mind, it could be seasons down the line. One can hope that it’ll be added in Chapter 2 Season 5 at the end of 2020 though.


Another Epic staffer, gstaffEpic, clarified that such a change isn’t in any of the Fortnite builds yet. However, it’s getting close, and it’s something they’re “working towards.”

It might not be the most explosive subject, but as far as quality of life changes go, this could completely transform the way Fortnite is played. We will update you once more information arises.