Nick Eh 30 Suggests a New Fortnite Concept for Finding Building Materials in Chests

Ross Deason

Nick Eh 30 has shared an idea for Fortnite Battle Royale that would give players a chance of finding a large stack of material inside a chest.

The popular YouTuber prefaced his suggestion by saying that there is a low chance of opening  a Gold Scar in a chest, before stating that he would like a similar chance of finding 300 wood, metal, or brick.

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Nick says that it would be like opening Legendary item – an occurrence that is unlikely but a possibility and something that “you’d have to be lucky to get”.

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Due to the building mechanics in Fortnite, finding and collecting the materials required to create forts and bases is of great importance for any player that wants to make it to the late stages of a game.

You can harvest building materials from the world around you, which can take a great deal of time depending on where you land, or get really lucky and find a Supply Llama which grants you 200 of each resource.

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Other than that, your best bet for finding resources is to eliminate another player and hope that they are well stocked.

Nick Eh 30’s idea would open up an opportunity to bag yourself a large haul of materials in a matter of seconds, but also add a new aspect of luck and randomness to the chests dotted around the map.

FaZe Clan’s SpaceLyon responded to Nick, saying that he likes the idea but that he’d also love to see Epic Games simply increase the amount of materials you get from harvesting by about 25%.