New Scoped AR and Slug Shotgun leaked for Fortnite Season 2

Epic Games

The v12.10 update for Fortnite has introduced two new weapons to the files, first discovered by data miners when the patch went live. A new Scoped AR and a new Slug Shotgun could be coming soon. 

We’ve had scoped assault rifles in the past for the game’s Battle Royale mode, but this one has a slight twist. This would also the first time we’ve seen a shotgun with slug rounds, too.

The new Legendary variant of the Scoped AR has got a visual upgrade from the previous version. It’s also a burst fire weapon, as opposed to fully-automatic or semi-automatic.

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Epic Games
The old Scoped AR was faulted at the start of Chapter 2.

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Previously, the Scoped AR was only available in Uncommon and Rare variants, after its Epic variant was vaulted in Season 7.

It was then vaulted completely at the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, in the v11.0 update. However, during its time away, Epic appear to have been working on a new version.

Added to the game files on March 3, the new Scoped AR is a “burst-fire tactical assault rifle with a scope.” The Legendary variant also has a new, more aggressive shape, and is sure to unload a lot of firepower. The leak was revealed by data miner, HYPEX, as seen below.

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Leaked Slug Shotgun

In addition to the Scoped AR, another weapon was also added to the game files, believed to be for Battle Royale. Another shotgun in fact, but with a significant difference to every other shotty in the game.

This one will use slug rounds, according to the weapon’s description: “Pump shotgun with a large magazine. Fires slugs for medium-range effectiveness.”

Aesthetically, it looks virtually identical to the regular Heavy Shotgun. As it’s just a leak, this could change before the weapon is officially introduced to the game.

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New Save the World Weapons

In addition to the battle royale mode, Save the World also received an arsenal of new weapons in the v12.10 update.

There’s no indication when these two new weapons will be added to Fortnite’s BR mode, so we’ll have to wait on an official announcement from Epic Games.

We should expect them in the next few weeks, however, given the usual quick turnaround for new items once they are added to the game files.

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