New Fortnite physics bug lets players literally walk through walls

fortnite player running through wallEpic Games

A bug has been discovered in Fortnite that allows players to walk right through fully built walls at will, following the arrival of the game’s new physics system in the v11.50 update. 

One of the biggest features of Fortnite is the ability to build structures. It gives the game a deep tactical element, allowing players to get an advantage with more than just aim.

As in any game, fans have been pushing mechanics to their limits and discovered a bug that makes it possible to ‘phase’ through walls – which basically means you can poke through built structures. However, with the game’s latest update things have gone even further, and players can now simply walk through enemy walls.

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Fortnite Sniper taking aimEpic Games
Aim isn’t the only important thing in Fortnite thanks to the building tool.

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Twitter user Jahlynz was the first to share this new glitch, stunning Fortnite fans with possibly the most powerful bug yet.

They showed off a video of the trick, where all you need to do is phase through a wall for a moment, then you can freely run through that wall, no matter what you are currently holding.

Other users claimed this also works with cones, while the majority were floored by the discovery, which will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the game.

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Being able to run through builds will change gameplay a ton because now nowhere is really safe, and players will have to be aware of enemies coming from every angle, sometimes without any warning.

This bug only appeared with the release of new Fortnite patch v11.50, which was released on Feb 5, so it’s probable some new changes allowed this to happen, with the new game physics system being the most likely culprit. 

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Many fans will be hoping that Epic will be on the case and fix this glitch as soon as possible. In the meantime, players will no doubt be making use of this bug and doing their best ghost impressions as they run through walls.

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