Myth and Ninja Praise the New Double Barrel Shotgun in Fortnite

The new Double Barrel Shotgun has received high praise from various Fortnite community members.

Added in the V5.2 update on Tuesday, August 8, the Double Barrell shotgun was the latest weapon to be introduced into Fortnite by Epic Games.

Especially at a time when some players and fans argued that Shotguns may have lost their efficiency on the battlefield following recent updates to SMG’s, the Double Barrel brought back a sense of power to the weapon class.

Ninja and Myth, two of the most popular Fortnite streamers at the time of writing, weighed in on the new weapon right after its release by approving its power and effectiveness, with the former mentioning how it is perfect for its ‘intention.’

It’s good for what it’s useful for – it’s intention, Right? […] Every single build fight, every single fight, there’s always that moment where there’s no building going on when people trade, and that’s when you can go bam, bam! Get two shots off and just wreck the opponent.

Myth followed up Ninja’s comments by providing an interesting fact of his own, which is that the Double Barrel is the only shotgun that can instantly destroy builds.

“Another interesting note, I don’t know if you’ve seen or thought about it yet, but it’s the only shotgun that can one-shot a building […] You know how shotguns used to be able to break builds? Once somebody places a floor, you can – boom – and just blast their wall.”

The full clip of Myth and Ninja discussing the Double Barrel can be viewed below.

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