Mother Demands Fortnite Call Her to “Make a Deal”, After Her Son Uses Bible Verse to Ask Her to Buy Skins

Mother of Fortnite-crazy child has released a video demanding Fortnite creators to call her and ‘make a deal’, because her son is ‘addicted’ to buying skins and emotes in the game.

Fortnite is an entirely free-to-play game, but makes hundreds of millions of dollars each month from the in-game items store, which includes character skins, emotes, and other character customization.

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Developers Epic Games make the items more desirable by having them available for only a day at a time, with no way of knowing when a specific item will appear back in the store.

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It is a lucrative method, and also one that many gamers favor over the fairly unethical ‘loot box’ system seen in many other popular games, but one parent is very unhappy with Fortnite’s monetization.

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Posting on YouTube, she demands Epic calls her, as her son is coming to her everyday asking for more money to purchase skins.

“Whoever created Fortnite, I need you to know what you are doing to parents across the globe. Because your game has completely taken over, and our children have become total addicts.

[My] child is continuously coming to ask me, for money, to buy virtual products in your game. Then he says to me ‘Well, mom, there’s only thirteen hours left or I’m not going to able to buy this skin, I have to do it now.’

He looked at me and said ‘Mom, remember when we were in church last week, and the man was asking for bread because he needed to be fed, and Jesus said all you need to do is ask and you shall receive’. He is trying to use bible verses to get me to buy Fortnite skins.”

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She goes on to say that the Fortnite creators must call her to make a deal because it is driving her and other parents crazy.

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“This ‘Fortnite’, we gotta do something, we gotta make a deal. I know it’s not going to go away,  but somebody from over there, call me. We gotta make a deal.”

From Epic Games point of view, they are probably receiving messages of a similar vein from disgruntled parents every day. But, considering they raked in over $300 million in May, we doubt they have any plans to change their model currently.

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