More customization options could be coming soon to Playground mode in Fortnite

by Albert Petrosyan


The Playground mode in Fortnite Battle Royale may soon receive a brand new set of customization options for players to take advantage of.


New information leaked from certain game files by data miners at @FNBRLeaks indicate that a series of new customization options could be coming to the popular mode sometime in the future.

According to the leaks, Epic Games are looking to add custom options for gravity, ammo, building resources, and item spawns.


The list of projected Playground customizations can be seen below, based on the information that was leaked.

  • Gravity Multiplier – This feature would allow players to modify how strong or weak the force of gravity on the map would be. The default gravity setting would likely be on Medium Planet.
    • Small Planet
    • Medium Planet
    • Large Planet
    • Medium Moon
    • Large Moon
    • Asteroid


  • Infinite Ammo – This option is likely a simple on/off switch which allows the player to have infinite ammunition for any equipped weapon.
  • Infinite Building Resources – This option is likely a simple on/off switch which allows the player to have infinite building resources such as Wood, Brick, and Metal.
  • Spawn Item – This is likely a option which would allow the player to spawn any item of their choice at any given time.
  • Respawn Location - This option would likely allow the player to choose where they want to respawn over the Fortnite map.
  • Warmup time - Players would likely be able to use this option to regulate how much time is allotted to warming up. 


All of the information presented above comes in addition to leaks from several weeks ago, which hinted at further new options being added to Playground such as friendly fire toggle, custom loot levels, movement speed multiplier, and damage multiplier. 

Furthermore, all of this comes after Epic had already recently made considerable changes to Playground in the v6.01 update, adding custom options to regulate time of day, starting health, fall damage, starting shields, and more. 

That could suggest that all of these new leaked changes may not be added to the game anytime soon, although the next major update to Playground should be a massive one.

However, since none of these customization options have been formally announced or confirmed by Epic, this information should be considered as nothing more than speculation, and may not even ever be added into Fortnite.