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Monsters Inc themed Fortnite skin leaked for upcoming Area 51 raid

Published: 18/Sep/2019 2:35 Updated: 18/Sep/2019 3:08

by Andrew Amos


Fortnite Battle Royale dataminer ‘s1l0x’ has uncovered a new skin today which pays homage to the Area 51 raid while also looking suspiciously like Monsters Inc character Mike Wazowski.

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The Area 51 raid meme has been circulating the internet over the last few months. Millions of people signed up to the Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” with the intention of finding the aliens the US government has been storing away from humanity.

With the raid date of September 20 on the horizon, Epic Games has seemingly added an Alien skin to Fortnite to pay respects to the meme. There’s more to the skin than just Area 51 though, with the cosmetic looking suspiciously like Monsters Inc fan-favorite Mike Wazowski.


WikipediaThe Area 51 raid was expected to take place on September 20.
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Popular dataminer s1l0x discovered the skin on September 17, tweeting it out with the caption “Encrypted Traveler Pickaxe”. While it looked like he was trying to show off the UFO-looking pickaxe, most players were enamoured by the skin he had equipped at the time.

The traveler skin features a green alien wearing a metallic suit, with two “51” logos plastered on the right breast and left shoulder. The alien is also wearing what looks like an ankle bracelet on the left leg, possibly indicating that they escaped the high-security area.

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The alien doesn’t look like any regular alien though. Players have drawn many comparisons to Monsters Inc’s Mike Wazowski and the traveler skin. The Fortnite creature has one big eye in the middle of his head, a massive mouth, and horns for hair.


While Mike Wazowski doesn’t have the horns, nor a human-like body, the eye and mouth combination was enough to raise eyebrows.

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The combination of the Area 51 meme and the almost dead-on Monsters Inc reference has got everyone excited for the release of the items.

It’s a tribute to a lot of player’s childhoods, who probably grew up watching the 2001 Pixar classic. Whether this might open the door for more Monsters Inc related skins in the future is unclear, but running around Fortnite rocking a James P. Sullivan suit, or even a Roz skin, sounds like a nostalgia trip waiting to happen.


DisneyWhile unlikely, more Monsters Inc skins in Fortnite would be welcomed.
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There’s no confirmed release date for the Traveler outfit skin and pickaxe combo, but expect it to be soon with the Area 51 raid coming up in a matter of days.