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MonsterDFace breaks down HighDistortion’s incredible high kill games in Fortnite

Published: 8/Feb/2019 2:26 Updated: 8/Feb/2019 2:39

by Alan Bernal


Team SoloMid’s Jimmy ‘HighDistortion’ Moreno went on an insane run in Fortnite to become the first player to reach the 100,000 elimination mark against Ninja, and YouTuber MonsterDface took a look at how the HD manages to rack up insane amounts of kills in his games.

In his video, MonsterDFace broke down everything from HighDistortion’s movements, choices in landing spots, playstyle and more that contributes to the high kill counts he seems to get every single match.

Fortnite is a game about resources, and MonsterDFace noticed that HighDistortion uses a mix of minimal equipment and pure confidence to push opponent’s at the opportune moments.

Epic GamesHighDistortion would typically be able to get out of a battle like this with the most kills.

Right when he drops, HighDistortion makes sure to have a two weapons to switch between to instantly become hyper aggressive in order to catch players off guard.

After his initial engagements, HD tends to make quick rotations around nearby buildings and points of interest to continually dictate the pace of his play.

In the mid game, HD’s uses the game’s natural mobility features such as Rifts, Ziplines, and more to rapidly make his way through high-traffic POIs.

These strategies allow HD to dominate Solo Squad games. He takes control of late-game engagements by carrying loadouts consisting of Rocket Launchers and other disruptors to close things out.

MonsterDFace also pointed out HD’s ability to split aggro while applying pressure as he maintains the high ground in build battles, giving him the best chance of cleaning up squads in disarray.

HighDistortion utilizes many techniques to keep his kill count risin which players can practice in their games to improve in Fortnite.


Did The Rock just tease he’s getting a Fortnite skin?

Published: 27/Nov/2020 18:09

by Tanner Pierce


After an appearance by a very cartoony-looking float during the Macy’s Thanksgivings Day Parade, The Rock hinted that he may end up getting a skin in the popular battle royale game Fortnite, although he’s being a bit vague. 

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats are known their pop culture references. Between Pikachu, Goku, and others making appearances, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that one based on the popular young Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson meme a few years back would make its way into the 2020 version of the parade.

Seemingly because it’s a float, the giant balloon itself seems to be a cartoon representation of the meme, rather than a hyper-realistic one. After one person seemed to point out that it looks a bit like a Fortnite skin, the former wrestler now actor responded in a way that’s raising a few eyebrows.

In response to the comment about his float looking like a Fortnite character, The Rock simply responded with “way ahead of you” and “great minds”. This obviously caused a few people to pause and ask themselves if he just hinted at a Fortnite skin.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official comment from Epic but the comment is certainly suspicious. While one could make the argument that The Rock was saying that he also had the same thought before the original tweeter, the wink face emoji seen after the tweet is a bit peculiar. Surely he would know not to put that kind of statement out with that emoji unless he meant to hint at it, right?

It’s also a bit odd that he also responded to someone who tweeted that they “shouldn’t give them any ideas”, meaning he could have been totally knowledgable in what he’s doing.

His inclusion in the game also wouldn’t be surprising. Fortnite is known for its crossovers at this point, even allowing for some Icon Series skins based on celebrities like Ninja and others. It could also be a part of a larger WWE crossover, considering there’s a plethora of characters there to make skins out of.

Still, until nothing official is announced, take this with a massive grain of salt. Here’s hoping that if it is real that it will get announced soon, however.