Mongraal furious over exploit for easy matches in Fortnite Winter Royale

FaZe Clan’s professional Fortnite player Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson has lashed out at fellow pro players over their alleged abuse of a ‘0 point lobby’ glitch in the recent Winter Royale event. 

Mongraal may only be 15 years old, but the British teenager has already established himself as one of the best Fortnite players in the world. He regularly stuns fans with his incredible talents over on Twitch, where he has amassed nearly 2 million followers. 

On December 23 he posted a furious tweet, following rumors that a number of professional players had abused a zero-point glitch during the Winter Royale.

Epic GamesThe Fortnite Winter Royale is where the exploit is rumored to have been pulled off.

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The bug, which was allegedly abused during the most recent Fortnite Winter Royale tournament, enabled players to manipulate their matchmaking in order to pair them with less-skilled opponents. 

According to members of the Fortnite community, the glitch was performed by changing region after completing a game. This then manipulates the game into thinking the player has 0 points. The region is then changed back, and players are placed in lobbies against others who have actually amassed a low points total.

“F*cking knew kids were abusing this bug,” he tweeted. “You dogsh*t players I’m blocking all of you. So dogsh*t.” 

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While it is widely believed to have occurred to a number of pros, it is not clear whether some were intentionally abusing it or if the game was bugging out.

Fellow British Fortnite pro ‘benjyfishy’ asked if there is a way to clarify whether it was deliberately exploited. If it was, he said he “prays they get banned.” 

The recent Winter Royale saw a number of lesser-known pros place incredibly well, fuelling speculation that there was foul play involved. However, it would be unfair to discredit any lesser-known pro placing well on the basis that a minority may have exploited a glitch. 

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It’s important to remember that, at the time of writing, it is not clear which pros are accused of using the glitch, and whether they did so with the intention of being placed in easier lobbies. 

Furthermore, as of the publication of this article, developers Epic Games have not issued a response or punishment to any Fortnite professionals. We will update you on this story where necessary.