Fortnite drama reignites as Aqua caught dissing former duo FaZe Mongraal

Aqua FaZe Mongraal Fortnite beefFaZe Clan / Epic Games

New Fortnite beef has ignited between 2019 World Cup duos champion Aqua and FaZe Clan member Mongraal, with the former calling out the latter ⁠— before backtracking once he realized someone was streaming

Aqua and Mongraal duo’d for a brief time in 2020, playing in Contender Cash Cups and other tournaments in May before quickly splitting.

However, there still appears to be some bad blood between the two. Sitting in a call on September 14, Aqua was chatting with some mates about the state of Fortnite.

Once the topic of Mongraal was brought up though, Aqua started lashing out at his former duo.

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“Oh shut up I just didn’t want to play with Mongraal, he’s sh*t. I don’t care anymore, he triggered me,” he said.

Then, one of the streamers he was on call with said they were live, and Aqua immediately tried to backtrack. He pleaded for them to delete the VOD and restart stream, but the damage was already done.

The clip had gone viral in the Fortnite community, with Mongraal himself replying to Aqua’s comments on Twitter.

“I can’t even put into words what the Fortnite pro scene is like,” he said.

“That video perfectly describes the community. It’s always behind your back in a friend group, never to you directly in call. I haven’t been in a friend group for over 3 months because it’s all the same shit.”

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Chapix and JannisZ, who were in lobby together on the viral clip, also had a dispute on Twitter.

“The Fortnite community has always been like this. Everyone sh*t talks each other and when they are in the same call they act friendly like who cares. We are all trying to play this game to earn money, it’s business not friendship or anything,” Chapix said.

“Nah you don’t say that behind backs,” JannisZ retorted.

Even the FaZe Clan account got in on the action, tweeting out the iconic “dance b*tch dance” clip from FNCS Trios back in 2019.

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As FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 approaches, you can expect this rivalry to keep heating up.