Moisty Mire Chest Locations for the Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4, Week 9 Challenge

For newer Fortnite Battle Royale players, finding chests in Moisty Mire for the Week 9 challenge could prove to be difficult. If you’re one of those players, here are all of the possible chest locations.

With just two weeks of Season 4 in Fortnite Battle Royale remaining, players don’t have long left if they want to reach Tier 100 and earn all of the cool items that are included in getting there..

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As always, the game’s developers have made it so that the challenges for Week 9 range in difficulty, meaning that players of all abilities can complete at least some of them.

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One of the easier challenges for players of all levels to complete will be to “Search Chests in Moisty Mire.”

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Fatal Fields is located in the far South West corner of the map and, although large, doesn’t have as many chests as some of the more high traffic areas. This means finding all seven of the required chests in one game could be tricky.

Luckily, has you covered with every single possible chest location in Moisty Mire, so you should be able to find all seven within one or two games:

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As long as you play out the game (get eliminated or win the match before returning to the main menu), any chests that you search in Moisty Mire will be automatically added to your challenge total.

As this challenge is not classed as “HARD”, you will receive five battle pass stars for completing it as opposed to they ten that you will get for other challenges like “Follow the treasure map found in Haunted Hills”