How to watch MiO Level Up Challenge: Stream & teams


MiO and Dexerto have partnered up to bring some of the internet’s top influencers and professionals together for an action-packed Fortnite tournament with the MiO Level Up Challenge.

MiO and GCN hosted an incredible Fortnite qualifier round on August 9, with over 90 of the top influencers and pro players converging in a six-match qualifier tournament with one point per elimination, along with placement points per match.

During the qualifiers, we saw a wide variety of intense competition and strategy at play, with over six different winners of each game showcasing their unique abilities and skills to the team captains who were watching the qualifiers to scout out their team before the draft. Acorn, Jayth, narwhal, npen, PaMstou, and Prospering all took home wins during the event, allowing them to qualify for the draft.

The event was a massive success, with Twitch’s Fortnite category being filled with streams from the MiO Qualifiers. Over 30 players advanced to the finals stage where they were drafted into 10 teams of four along with 10 team captains — each representing a flavor of MiO. 

Ultimately, DeRoller stole the show placing first overall in the Qualifiers with 153 points throughout the six matches. 

Placing in second was Acorn, with the most Eliminations of any contestant at 25 Eliminations and one victory royale. Rounding up the top three was Moo who finished with 17 Eliminations and 112 points. Later that week, the team captains got together and drafted their teams through a pool of 30 qualifying contestants.

Here are the teams and the flavors they represent: 

  • Team Fruit Punch: Ceice, Moose, muz, Okis
  • Team Arctic Grape: Ewok, Moo, Crackly, Mechton
  • Team Sweet Tea: DrLupo, Plfuger, Maddynf, BonsaiBroz
  • Team Black Cherry: TimTheTatman, Acorn,  Blake, Voil
  • Team Sweet Tea:  Theifs, Prospering, Rodey, Snaz
  • Team Orange Tangerine: Thinnd, lolSamppA, VerT, npen
  • Team Strawberry Pineapple Smash: Max Holloway, Deroller, Infi, Tilt
  • Team Strawberry Watermelon: Megan Anderson, GirlyBella, Jayth, Jivi
  • Team Acai Berry Storm: Punisher,  Rise, narwhal, Ritualx
  • Team Lemonade: Replays, PaMstou, Fatch, Sticks

The top two final teams will then duke it out in stage three in a head-to-head, best of five games elimination race with wins counting as bonus points to determine who takes home the MiO Level Up Title!

Cheer on your favorite streamer and make sure to tune in and comment with your favorite flavor in the chat on Wednesday August 24 at 4PM EST!

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