Loot Lake vault looks set to make a return in Fortnite Season 2

Joe Craven
Epic Games

Eagle-eyed Fortnite fans have noticed an incredibly strange occurrence on the Chapter 2 map of late – the Loot Lake vault that spearheaded Chapter 1’s carnage has been frequently reappearing. 

Fans of Fortnite’s first chapter will be well aware of the carnage caused by Loot Lake’s vault. Multiple world-bending events saw the vault responsible for all kinds of carnage, including sending the island in Loot Lake’s centre on multiple tours of the map.

Despite its centrality to the narratives of Chapter 1, Loot Lake was, like many other fan-favorite POIs, ditched for the game’s second chapter in favor of a brand new map and a host of new locations.

Epic Games
The Chapter 1 map next to the one from Chapter 2.

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Since Chapter 2’s map dropped back in October, players have noticed some minute similarities between the two maps.

The most noticeable is probably at Steamy Stacks and the Kevolution Energy plant. There’s a small statue of Kevin the Cube, the giant 3D object that roamed the map over Chapter 1.

However, one Fortnite fan by the Reddit name u/Koooooomar has since discovered a suspicious image that’s been slowly coming into focus over the past few weeks.

As the images become clearer, fans have drawn the unmistakable parallel with the Loot Lake vault. Although difficult to discern, the pattern displayed on the top of the opening to the vault appears to be identifiable.

Reddit: u/Koooooomar
The images appear remarkably similar.

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So, what does it all mean? It certainly appears to draw more parallels between the maps from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Despite the fact there is no Loot Lake on the Chapter 2 map, the vault could easily surface from under another body of water, like under The Agency, which sits in a very similar position to Loot Lake in terms of its position on the map.

We don’t exactly know what the season-ending event for Season 2 is going to be, but it’s a fair assumption that the vault could come in to play. What we don’t know, however, is how it will overlap with the other clues we’ve found, like Midas’ head collection or a leaked skin known only as ‘Spy’.

Epic Games love their cryptic teasers, and it doesn’t look like they’re changing their ways in Fortnite’s second chapter.