Local News Anchors Awkwardly Attempt Fortnite Dances

Fortnite is a worldwide phenomenon and that means it has reached people who normally would not be involved in video games.

As a local Fox television station proved, that can result in some incredibly awkward situations.

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The news anchors attempted a few Fortnite dances and it went about as well as you think it did.

“Take the L” and “Hype” were attempted with varying degrees of success.

One of the hosts references their nieces and nephews teaching them the dance and we imagine the kids immediately regretted their decision.

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The Hype emote is based of the popular “Shoot” dance from BlocBoy JB. The dance was featured in his music video of the same name and went viral, racking up over 26 million views.

Take the L is a Fortnite original but was brought into the real world by French footballer Antoine Greizmann during the World Cup.

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If you love seeing an older generation prove they are still up to date on the latest trends, this ‘eGamers’ advertisement from O2 is perfect.

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The Fox anchors may need to fill a few minutes on a Tuesday morning again and there are about 50 more emotes for them to imitate. There are also a number of new Fortnite cosmetics on the way.

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