List of Issues and Bugs in Fortnite Expected to be Fixed in Upcoming Update

Epic Games has revealed the list of issues and bugs that are currently in Fortnite: Battle Royale that should be fixed with the release of the next update.

Although the list was not formally announced, Fortnite developers have recently marked several of the issues on the Trello Community Board as “fixed in next release.”

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It is not yet clear whether the fixes will be implemented in the v5.0 Content Update, which will be released on July 17, or the v5.1 Game Update, which has yet to be announced.

Either way, these issues and bugs will be patched very soon, which is good news for the game’s vast player-base.

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‘Blue Screen of Death’ on Fortnite Launch (PC Only)

This issue occurs exactly once a day, following the first boot-up of the computer. After launching Fortnite for the first time and getting a blue screen, the computer relaunches. Subsequent launches of Fortnite cause no issue and the client resumes normal functionality in this next session of Windows for the remainder of the day.

Unable to Unequip Items in the Locker

There is currently no way to unequip any items in the locker. This means you’ll be unable to wear the default outfit or no Backbling if you’ve had one equipped already. This is a known issue and we’re working to resolve it.You’re still able to switch between any items you already own.

Temporary Work Around: You can work around this by using the select key/button on the “X” once and then pressing the return key/button twice

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The Grenade Doesn’t Properly Impact if it Explodes Roads

The grenade’s area of effect doesn’t properly impact players if the grenade explodes on a road surface.

Temporary Work Around: Don’t detonate a grenade on a road surface.

Stats Not Recording Properly

We’re investigating an issue where players stats aren’t always being reported properly.