Leaked In-Game Footage of Upcoming Fortnite Emotes

Dataminers have leaked the in-game footage of a number of emotes that will reportedly be released for Fortnite Battle Royale soon.

A number of images for outfits, skins, emotes and more were originally leaked on July 23. The names of the emotes included Living Large, Hand Signals and Finger Wag.

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Now the Instagram datamining account known as jh9 has leaked the in-game footage of some of those emotes, as well as a previously unknown one called Intensity.

The videos for the emotes, including their name, rarity and cost in V-Bucks, can be found below.

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Intensity (800 V-Bucks) – Epic

Finger Wag (200 V-Bucks) – Uncommon

Hand Signals (200 V-Bucks) – Uncommon

Living Large (500 V-Bucks) – Rare

Expect to see the new emotes added gradually over the coming days and weeks. We have a feeling that Living Large will be a big hit!

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