Leaked In-Game Footage and Information for Upcoming Fortnite Emotes Found in V5.40 Files

by Ross Deason


The Fortnite Battle Royale leaks continue to flood in following the release of the latest patch - now data miners have found a number of upcoming emotes.


The V5.40 patch, which was released on September 6, marked the beginning of the new High Stakes event, the beginning of the Getaway LTM and the introduction of the “Grappler”.

Data miners quickly got to work on the new files and started leaking various upcoming cosmetics and items.


Included in those leaks were a number of new emotes and now we’ve got our hands on their names, rarity and even their in-game footage courtesy of @FNBRLeaks on Twitter.

The upcoming Fortnite emotes, including their description and in-game view are:

My Idol (Rare)

"…in the presence of a lengend."


Vivacious (Epic)

"Never stop dancing"

Battle Call (Uncommon)

"Heed the call."

Fist Pump (Uncommon)

"Emphatically flailing fists." 

Hitchhiker (Rare)

"Take a hike."