Leaked in-game footage of Fortnite Spectator Mode released

Epic Games

Footage of Fortnite’s unreleased Spectator Mode has been leaked on Reddit, giving fans of the popular battle royale title their first look at the system ahead of its eventual release.

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Spectator Mode has long been rumored to be on it’s way to Fortnite, but Epic Games have remained tight-lipped at the prospect of the feature appearing in the game in the near future.

While little was known about Spectator Mode, a Fortnite player on Reddit has been able to access parts of the system, giving fans a look at what they can expect when it finally goes live.

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Fortnite fans may soon be able to watch their friends matches.
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In a video uploaded to /r/FortniteLeaks by a user named VastBlast, the player can be seen accessing the menus associated with Spectator Mode.

The player can be seen accessing Spectator Mode in the bottom-right corner of the screen, which then offers the option to watch a friend’s session, or a specific game session if they have an ID associated with the match.

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When selecting a friend’s session, players can then select from a list of their Epic Games friends who are in games, although the video doesn’t show VastBlast actually spectating any matches, as this functionality is unlikely to be active yet.

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It’s unclear how VastBlast was able to access this feature, as some say they have seen a glitch with the client that has presented the Spectator Mode option in the past.

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There is currently no official release date for Spectator Mode, but if Epic Games have added the functionality into the client, it’s likely that we will see it go live for all players in the near future.

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