Fortnite: Leaked Breakpoint skin bundle and challenges coming soon

. 3 years ago

Leakers have revealed what an unreleased skin – Breakpoint – will look like in-game when it finally enters the Fortnite Battle Royale item shop as part of a new bundle.

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The item shop rotates daily, allowing players to purchase various different cosmetic items to make their character unique, with some skins staying out of the shop for longer than others, making them highly sought after.

As well as the regular shop items, Epic Games also releases special skin bundles that can be purchased without buying V-Bucks – most recently the Shadow Legends pack. Leakers have now revealed what another upcoming bundle will look like.

The Shadow Legends pack was the most recently added bundle.
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The Breakpoint skin was leaked a while ago, back in the v9.20 update, but is yet to be released in the item shop. Prominent data leaker @Lucas7Yoshi has revealed exactly how the skin will look in your locker and confirmed that it would be made available as a bundle.

As well as the skin – which uses the Waypoint model – a new wrap will be added, but won’t be part of the bundle, meaning you will need to purchase it separately to complete the look.

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Similar to the Fallen Love Ranger skin bundle, the Breakpoint set will also come with a set of challenges for players to earn V-Bucks, according to leaks.

Users can earn up to 1,000 V-Bucks by simply completing daily challenges, making the set excellent value for money, as the original Waypoint skin cost 1,200 to buy.

The challenges are extremely easy.
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The Breakpoint design is certainly unique and reasonably priced for a reactive skin, meaning it should be popular in the Fortnite community.

It certainly won’t be the last skin bundle to enter the item shop, with plenty more cosmetic packs likely to be available when Season 10 finally arrives.

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