Insane Fortnite Stunt Proves the ATK can go Anywhere

The All Terrain Kart in Fortnite earned its name when someone figured out you can drive it up the face of a cliff.

Reddit user aTVisAthingTOwatch posted a clip of the ATK getting up a mountain with a technique that would make Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift fans a little jealous.

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The ATK cannot be driven directly up a cliff face of course, but drifting in a circle is apparently enough thrust to get the kart wherever it needs to go.

The drift built up a charge that sent the ATK flying up an almost vertical cliff, and it went up sideways.

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The All Terrain Kart was introduced for Fortnite Season 5 alongside changes to the map. One of the changes was the addition of a golf course where Anarchy Acres was, which explains the ATK’s golf cart appearance.

The drifting capabilities of the vehicle are sure to add a number of YouTube highlights in the future, but the roof can also be used as a bounce pad.

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However, the pad did not function as some expected, leading to frustration and unexpected fall deaths.

Those who want to take full advantage of having a golf cart in Fortnite can also play golf, thanks to the addition of Toys in Season 5.

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