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Incredible Fortnite character creator would be awesome in Season 2

Published: 9/Feb/2020 13:17

by Joe Craven


One avid Fortnite fan has designed an incredible ‘character creator’ concept that would be perfect for the upcoming second season of Chapter 2. 

It’s fair to say that a large portion of the Fortnite community feels the game is stagnant at the moment, as they await Season 2 of Chapter 2. 

Despite the significant changes made when Chapter 2 launched back in October, a number of content creators appear frustrated at the lack of innovation they are seeing. While player counts are hard to come by, Epic Games’ falling revenue is indicative of fewer players. 

Epic Games
The second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 is set to drop in mid-February.

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One feature that would inject some life into Fortnite Chapter 2 would be more freedom to design character skins.


While there are no confirmed plans to bring this to Fortnite anytime soon, one player has devised an awesome concept for how it could look in-game. 

Shared to Reddit on February 8, the concept goes into insane detail as to customization options players could have. 

Details up for selection include character gender, facial hair and headgear. While not exhaustive, the concept was widely praised, amassing nearly 10,000 upvotes at the time of writing. 

Character creator [Concept] from FortNiteBR

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By the end of the example video, the Jonesy default skin was barely recognizable as a Jonesy.

Blue hair and shiny grey arms were paired with a medieval knight like torso, allowing incredible creativity away from the designs made at Epic Games. 


One respondent raised an excellent point, however, floating the question of why Epic would enable a feature that would potentially lower the sales of skins they add to the game. 

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We’ve already seen Epic receptive of fan designs, with player POI creations being implemented into the game over the course of its life.

Whether or not they would be equally open to a ‘character creator’ feature remains unclear, but it’s obvious that such a tool would be more than welcomed by the community, who are crying out for innovation to Fortnite Chapter 2.