How to unlock free Snowy Pickaxe in Fortnite | Winterfest Day 8 Challenge

Albert Petrosyan. Last updated: Dec 25, 2019
Epic Games

The eighth day of the Winterfest holiday event in Fortnite Battle Royale has arrived, with it a new daily challenge and the Snowy Pickaxe as a free reward to all players.

With the holiday season very much in full swing, the Winterfest in-game event has added a Christmas flair to Fortnite while also giving players free cosmetic items on a daily basis.

As most Fortnite events usually do, Winterfest features its own set of challenges that players can complete for rewards and the one for Christmas Day gives out a free Snowy Pickaxe.

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The pickaxe features a broken tree branch as its handle capped off with a head of a snowman. The snowman has a black top hat on and is smoking out of a small wooden pipe.

The harvesting tool is classified as a rare item, and its official description reads: “Use your head.” Here is what the Snowy Pickaxe looks in-game:

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How to unlock Fortnite’s Snowy Pickaxe for free

In order to get this Snowy Pickaxe for free, all you have to do is complete the challenge for day eight of Winterfest, which requires players to use a Present twice in-game. This means you simply have to find and throw two of them so they can activate.

Presents, of course, are Legendary items in Fortnite that, when thrown, produce a box large enough that players can actually enter and take sanctuary in, even set traps.

Presents also come with their own loot inside, so players who throw one can enter and take any and all of the items and weapons that it has to offer.

This item was first introduced back in Season 7 for 14 Days of Fortnite, the event that celebrated last year’s holiday season. They were vaulted soon thereafter and kept out of the game until the v11.30 update on December 12, when they were returned for Winterfest.

Epic Games
In order to unlock the free Snowy Pickaxe in Fortnite, you must use a Present twice in-game.

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Fortnite Winterfest challenges

As mentioned above, this is the eight challenge offered in the Winterfest event. Here are the previous seven that can still be completed for their own rewards:

There are five more challenges expected to be released by the end of the event, bringing the total to 12 overall. The remaining challenges have already been leaked and can be viewed in our Winterfest challenges hub.