How to get Samurai Scrapper pack in Fortnite Season 4

Epic Games

The leaked Fortnite starter pack, Samurai Scrapper, is set to release in all regions on September 8. The pack includes a unique new Samurai skin, with an extra style, plus extra cosmetics and V-Bucks.

The pack was leaked in August by data miners, but there was no release date in sight at that time. Although it’s a Save the World starter pack, the cosmetics can also be used in battle royale.

The starter pack was leaked after the v14.00 update, but looks like it will be launching alongside the v14.10 patch, scheduled for September 8.

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There’s a backbling, two pickaxes, plus 1000 V-Bucks, in addition to the base skin style and the style which boasts a Samurai helmet and mask.

Samurai Scrapper packEpic Games
The full contents of the pack.

Leaked images of the bundle show a better look at the second Samurai skin style, with the helmet and mask included.

Samurai Scrapper skinsHYPEX
The two skin styles for the Samurai Scrapper starter pack.

Where to get the Samurai Scrapper pack

This bundle is actually in Save the World, but don’t worry, just like with the Metal Team leader outfit, you’ll be able to use the cosmetics in battle royale too.

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You can purchase this bundle directly from the platform store of your choice, on PlayStation, Xbox, or directly through the in-game store.

What’s in the Samurai Scrapper pack?

  • Access to “Save the World” PvE Campaign
  • Samurai Scrapper Taiga Hero
  • Scrapper Spear Weapon Schematic
  • Samurai Scrapper Outfit (usable in Battle Royale & Creative)
  • Scrapper Sashimono Back Bling (usable in Battle Royale & Creative)
  • Samurai Scrapper Challenge: Earn up to 1000 V-Bucks and 1000 X-Ray Tickets by completing Save the World daily quests.

How much is it?

The pack will cost $15.99 (£12.99). This is actually slightly cheaper than the previous Save the World pack, and so presents pretty good value for money considering how much is included here.

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