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How to get Legendary Hunting Rifle in Fortnite Season 2

Published: 26/Feb/2020 13:56 Updated: 26/Feb/2020 14:42

by David Purcell


Epic Games have added many new weapons and items for the Fortnite Season 2 patch, but not many players have been able to get their hands on the Legendary Hunting Rifle – unlike other Mythic variants. 

Just like the start of last season, where the Mythic Goldfish was apparently planted in the Fortnite map for players to find – although not many actually saw one – this time around it appears a weapon of similar rarity is shrouded in mystery.

There are a number of vaults dotted around the map, guarded by strong NPC characters with much higher health bars than average players. Once they have been defeated, they drop Mythic weapons and items such as the Drum Gun, Minigun and Grappler.


Epic Games
You won’t find the new Hunting Rifle in vaults, at the time of writing.
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Those who have already visited all of these spots will know that there’s one gun that can’t be found by raiding such vaults, and that’s the Legendary Hunting Rifle.

Fans who check out material posted to social media by Epic Games will also know that the weapon hasn’t yet been formally added to the game, but some players have come across them regardless.

Just like many other gold variants, the Hunting Rifle has exceptionally higher stats, reportedly laying out 100 for a simple body shot and some 250 damage for a headshot – enough to knock any player out of the action. So, let’s take a look at how you can get ahold of it early in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2.


Epic Games
The Hunting Rifle has appeared in previous seasons, but never as a Legendary weapon.
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How to get Legendary Hunting Rifle

The Legendary Hunting Rifle is something of an early mystery in Fortnite Season 2, as it doesn’t appear to have been added to the Battle Royale part of the game, although many content creators – like Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken and other YouTubers – have been posting videos about it.

While it’s not yet been added to Battle Royale just yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try right now in Playground mode, testing it out before it’s introduced in a future patch. All you have to do is enter the Creative mode, drop into the map and search chests until one pops out.


(Timestamp in video below at 7:26)

As seen in Ali-A’s video above, he found it at Dirty Docks. However, there’s no set place where it’s always found – unlike other Mythic weapons – and even in Playground it’s very difficult to find. Perhaps it will have a specific spawn location when it’s released for everybody to play with.

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When is the Legendary Hunting Rifle coming to Battle Royale?

There’s no official timeframe for when the Legendary Hunting Rifle will be released in Fortnite Battle Royale just yet, although now that it can be found in Playground mode, we would expect it to be included in one of the future content updates.


Some players have also reported that it has been added to the One Shot LTM, too, meaning it’s potentially taken a step further to being added to BR – as seen with the following post from user simo03isma.

i found epic and legendary hunting rifle in one shot mode from FortNiteBR

Previously, Epic Games have released updates on a weekly basis and fans will be hoping for a return to that model in the near future. As of now, though, there’s no way of telling how soon or far away the next legendary gun is from appearing.

Well, there you have it! That’s everything we know so far about how to get the Legendary Hunting Rifle in Fortnite Season 2. Hopefully, we will get more details on its inclusion in other modes in the near future so we can update this article further.