How to find secret Fortnite Banner for the Week 4, Season 7 snowfall challenge - Battle Star replaced

by Connor Bennett
Epic Games


Week 4 of the Season 7 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale sees the Secret Banner return, meaning there’s a free Banner waiting to be collected and used as your own! So, here’s everything you need to know about finding it.


The location of the secret banner can usually be discovered by taking an eagle-eyed look at the week's released loading screen. 

Epic Games will leave a hint in the photograph and it's up to the best detectives in the Fortnite community to discover what has been hidden.

This weeks loading screen, in all its glory, is below and we’ve highlighted just what you’re looking for.

The square shows what fans are looking for.


Find it without the circle? Well done! If not, you’re looking for the small banner logo on the side of the house, just under the Driftboard.

It corresponds to a position at Happy Hamlet, to the south-east of the Battle Royale island, and can be found by positioning yourself around the town's eastern Clocktower. 

There is also a Clocktower in the Western part of the Town but you want to ignore that for this banner and stick to the easy. Stand behind the Clocktower, and look towards dead North. Once there, you will be able to see the Green mucus coloured banner where the banner hides.

Location of the hidden banner for Week 4.


Simply build across from your position towards the house and the banner will be available to be claimed. Once claimed, the challenge will be completed and the banner will be free to use on your profile!

If you need help completing any of the challenges for Week 4, you can find a full guide here.