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How to find Deadpool’s unicorn & visit Steel Bridges: Fortnite Week 5

Published: 19/Mar/2020 14:23

by Calum Patterson


For the week 5 Deadpool challenges in Fortnite, you need to find his stuffed unicorn and “embrace the rainbow” by visiting Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple Steel Bridges. It might sound tricky, but here’s how to complete the tasks.

The challenges are not difficult really, but can be somewhat time-consuming, especially when you have to travel around the map looking for the steel bridges.


The stuffed unicorn should be easy enough. Just like finding the Chimichangas and other items for Deadpool, it’s in the headquarters, but the unicorn is in a new room entirely.

Where to find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn

The stuffed unicorn will be found in Meowscles new Agent room, which was added in the v12.20 update.


Once you’ve entered Meowscles gym, you should see the Unicorn just to his right, near his feet.

How to embrace the rainbow by visiting steel bridges

You may not have noticed them before unless you were looking for them, but each of the steel bridges on the Fortnite Chapter 2 map are painted with unique colors.

Epic have actually used them in other challenges too, requiring you to dance or spray at three specific colored bridges.


For the Deadpool challenge in Week 5, you’ll need to visit all five of them to “embrace the rainbow.” Here are the locations of the bridges on the map.

Steel Bridges locations in Fortnite

Map of FortniteHere are the locations for the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple Steel Bridges.

Once you’ve completed both of these tasks, you’ll be rewarded with this week’s Deadpool reward. It’s not the full skin yet, that won’t be for a few weeks still, but you will get a new loading screen.

It will be the ‘Cuddletime Coup’ loading screen, showing the Marvel superhero snuggling in with the Cuddle Team Leader, with the description “There’s a new leader in town.”

Epic Games
The loading screen reward for Week 5.

If you still need to complete any of the previous week’s tasks, you can find our full Deadpool challenge guide here to unlock the skin.


Where to find Marvel bosses in Fortnite Season 4: Iron Man, Gorger, more

Published: 17/Oct/2020 4:59

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Epic Games has teamed up with Marvel once again in Fortnite Season 4. This time, some of their biggest characters are scattered across the land in the form of bosses. Here’s everything you need to know about where to find them.

It’s a beautiful thing when two worlds collide. Figuratively speaking, of course. But it’s hard to find a pair that has overlapped better than Fortnite and the Marvel Universe. They’re both big, bright, colorful, and rich in lore. And of course, they’re both immensely popular.


It all started when Epic Games launched the Thanos LTM back in April 2018. It’s been a while since then, but the two worlds have crossed over once again, and this time, it’s been a blast.

Galactus, a cosmic being who consumes planets to sustain himself, is planning to wreak havoc on the Fortnite island. As a result, heroes and villains within the Marvel Universe have been popping up all over the place. Some of them are bosses, which players can hunt and eliminate for rewards. But in order to do that, you’ll need to know where to find them.


Here’s what you need to know.

Iron Man

Iron Man might be a fan-favorite hero, but he’s a formidable foe in Fortnite. If you’re willing to take him on to get your hands on his prized possession, a pair of badass rocket gloves, you can find him in Stark Industries. It’s located on the north-east side of the map. But be warned, he’ll put up a hell of a fight.

Fortnite Bosses Iron Man


Gorgers are bigger and more dangerous versions of the Gatherer Drones. Galactus has programmed and sent them with one objective; to create chaos.


However, they don’t have a specific spawn location, which makes them a little harder to find. But if you find and kill the Gorger that can be seen at the start of the match, it will shoot a red beam that leads you right to the boss variants.

Fortnite Boss Gorger

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is one of the more iconic villains in the Marvel Universe. He’s mostly known as the main antagonist in the Fantastic Four series. However, he’s also tangled with Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Man, X Men, and The Avengers many times.

The imposing menace has found a new home at Pleasant Park. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s been renamed Doom’s Domain.


Next, you’ll notice that he’s recruited a bunch of hostile guards to make your life difficult. But don’t worry too much about them. You can find Doctor Doom walking around Doom House, which is on the northern side of Doom’s Domain.

Bear in mind, though, that as a patrolling character, he will make brief stops in other places in the area. So you might need to look around for a bit before you find him.


If you manage to find him and take him down, he’ll drop some items that will let you use his overpowered abilities as well as a card that lets you access a secret vault.

Fortnite Doctor Doom Boss

And with that, you’re ready to rock and roll. The boss fights can be somewhat challenging, but with a bit of time and effort, you’ll persevere.

We’ll keep this article updated as more Marvel heroes make their appearance as bosses in Fortnite.