How to complete Fortnite’s Ghost vs Shadow security plans challenge

Graphics: Epic Games

Epic Games have added their first Ghost vs Shadow challenge to Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 and players are going to have to steal security plans from one of three new locations in order to pull it off. 

The game’s developers mixed things up with the introduction of the v12.00 update on February 20, which saw a number of new points of interest appear on the battle royale map, many of which feature vaults that are ready to loot.

For those who haven’t really landed at many of them already, Epic have given you an extra incentive for Week 2 by including three of these spots, The Yacht, The Rig, and The Shark, in the Ghost vs Shadow challenges.

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Epic Games
Here’s where The Shark, The Rig and The Yacht are located on the Fortnite Season 2. There are plans to steal at each POI.

As Battle Pass owners will be aware, at the beginning of Season 2 they were asked to join one of two agencies, Ghost or Shadow, and that will impact the route you take with each of these new challenges. Let’s take a look.

Fortnite’s “Steal The Yacht, Rig or Shark security plans” challenge

Stealing plans from The Yacht

Stealing plans at The Yacht is the easiest one of the three, so that’s the one we’ve selected for this guide. After all, players want to check off these tasks as fast as possible. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start up a game of Fortnite and drop at The Yacht.
  2. Land in the water, on the left side of the front of the boat.
  3. Locate and break a patterned panel.
  4. Enter the boat from there and walk through the door on the right, clicking X or Square to open.
  5. Go to the furthest room inside, take a right and you will see a large machine (below).
  6. Interact with the machine to steal the plans.
  7. Take the plans to Steamy Stacks and deliver them to a deposit box.
Fortnite's Yacht from Chapter 2, Season 2.Epic Games
The Yacht is possibly the easiest spot to steal the plans from, as there’s only one guard players have to watch out for.

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One of the things you will need to be wary of at The Yacht, while stealing the plans for this challenge, is the NPC henchman that walks around the boat protecting the very thing you want.

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Him, and also watch out for other players dropping at the location who may also be looking to complete the mission.

Where are the security plans at The Yacht?

As seen below, by following our instructions you will reach this large machine. Interact with it, steal the security plans and flee the scene to get them to your agency’s deposit box as soon as you can.

Epic Games
This is the machine you need to steal the plans from, once you’re aboard The Yacht.

The process is a little different for The Shark and The Rig, although we selected this one as it was the easiest out of the three. That doesn’t mean you can’t try the others, nevertheless.

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Shadow and Ghost deposit box locations?

If you have picked up the plans and wondering where to deposit them at Steamy Stacks, we’ve also got you covered.

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The deposit box you use will depend on which agency you represent. Shadow and Ghost have separate boxes the plans have to go in, and you can tell the difference between the two based on the logos marked on each of them – as seen below.

Deposit box locations at Fortnite's Steamy StacksEpic Games
Here’s what the deposit boxes for Ghost and Shadow look like at Fortnite’s Steamy Stacks.

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For completing this challenge, players will be rewarded with a brand new style for the Hench Hauler Back Bling, where they can customize exactly how they would like it to look.

There are bound to be further missions that pit both Ghost and Shadow players against each other, moving forward, so expect more guides like this one from Dexerto in the near future. Good look, agents.

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