Here's why replay mode in Fortnite isn't working [Updated]

by Calum Patterson


Update, 12:15 PM EST, January 31: Replay functionality has now been fully restored, as Epic Games have completed the necessary maintenance.

If you've noticed some of your games not showing up in the replay catalogue in Fortnite Battle Royale, don't panic, as Epic Games deliberately disabled the feature.


The replay functionality was one of the most requested features when the battle royale mode first rose to popularity, but it can put serious strain on both your hardware and the Fortnite servers.

As such, it requires constant maintenance, and Epic Games selected January 30 as the day to perform some of the necessary upkeep.


Although they haven't gone into specifics about the issue which was occurring, they explained that there was a problem with the feature which needed some attention.

Some players noticed that Marshmello's music - which will be played at the Festivus event on February 2 - was audible while in replay mode, so this could be why Epic are being secretive about the issue.

While they investigated, the ability to view replays was been turned off - but it's not all bad news.

If you do manage to have a remarkable game you want to watch back later, Epic has confirmed that any matches played during the downtime will be saved and watchable now that everything is back up and running.


Of course, you can also always use your devices' own capturing equipment, if you are playing on PS4, Xbox One or PC, you will be able to record your gameplay with the inbuilt technology - although it's not as powerful as the full functionality of replay mode of course.