Game-breaking Fortnite exploit lets you carry 6 items in your inventory

An exploit in Fortnite Chapter 2 is allowing players to add a hidden extra slot to their inventory, giving them the ability to carry six items instead of five.

Despite its historic success, Fortnite has never really been lacking in exploits, glitches, and bugs in the two-plus years it’s been available.

While most of them are relatively inconsequential and minor, there are some that can be considered game-breaking, as they do provide players with some sort of considerable advantage.

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A recent example of this is the exploit that allows players to carry six items in their inventory – one more than the maximum five slots that everyone is allotted.

It involves the use of a boat, the new vehicles introduced at the start of Chapter 2, and it’s not just a straight-up glitch, meaning you have to actually execute a series of actions to end up with six slots.

Epic GamesBoats are the key to pulling off this extra-inventory-slot exploit.

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How to carry six items in your Fortnite inventory

Here are the steps that you need to do in order to activate the effects of this exploit:

  1. With a full inventory, drive a boat near an item that you want to pick up and move over to the passenger’s seat.
  2. While in the passenger’s seat, press to pick up that item and at the same time, switch back to the driver’s seat.
  3. Picking up that item will cause another item that was already in your inventory to drop, so leave the boat and go pick up that dropped item.
  4. You will now have six items in your inventory, even though it will show as five. Dropping the item you had initially picked up will reveal another item hidden ‘beneath’ it.

Here is a video demonstrating how to do this method, courtesy of YouTuber ‘OrangeGuy.’ (The exploit for this segment begins at the 0:34 mark for mobile users.)

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Needless to say, this exploit provides a massive advantage to players who are able to execute it properly. For as long as Fortnite has existed, the inventory has always been maxed out to five slots, so giving players an extra hidden one is game-changing.

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This can be used to carry extra healing items, grenades, another weapon, and pretty much anything else. Also, this can be used to negate the extra spot that the powerful healing Bandage Bazooka takes up since it uses two slots on its own, but this trick will give one back.

However, it’s crucially important to note that the use of these kinds of exploits in Fortnite can get your account suspended or banned. We do not recommend you try this method out in public or competitive matches.

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