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Fortnite’s Vending Machines could be making a return in the near future

Published: 30/Mar/2020 2:02

by Brad Norton


Vending Machines could be coming back to Fortnite, after players have randomly spotted them throughout the battle royale map since the latest update.

Vending Machines were pulled from Fortnite in October due to the introduction of Season 2’s weapon upgrading system. Rather than trading materials at random machines, players were able to directly upgrade their weapons at new benches scattered around the map.

It appears as though the old system could be making a return as Vending Machines have been randomly appearing throughout games since the latest update.

Epic Games
Vending Machines varied from Common to Legendary, letting players trade materials for loot.

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While Vending Machines have been vaulted for just under six months, the popular feature could be making an imminent return. A number of players have randomly stumbled upon the old-familiar machines while playing on the latest patch. 


“I got excited thinking Vending Machines were back,” Reddit user ‘sheilabelila’ said after sharing a clip in which they stumbled upon the old feature.

Playing as part of a duo on their PlayStation 4, they were traveling through Frenzy Farm where they were left stunned by the appearance of a Common Vending Machine that included a Minigun.

I got excited thinking that vending machines were back from FortNiteBR

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The machine was humming its familiar sound and the player could even interact with it from the looks of things. Holding the Square button may have ‘claimed’ them a Minigun if they were able to react fast enough.

Just seconds after stumbling upon the machine however, it disappeared from the map entirely in the blink of an eye.


“That happens when the item is placed in the game files, but hidden. Basically you discovered a leak for a possible future placement,” XxWiReDxX’ explained.

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While there’s no guarantee that Vending Machines will, in fact, be making a return in the near future, their existence in the game’s code, and brief reappearance around the map, could be a surefire indication of their comeback.

The latest update has leaked more than just a potential Vending Machines return — a wide array of cosmetics appear to be on their way soon too.