Fortnite’s original map is playable again thanks to new Creative 2.0 tools

Tomato town in fortniteEpic Games

Fortnite’s original map is playable once again thanks to the works of modders and the recently released Unreal Engine for Epic’s popular battle royale.

When Fortnite showed the world footage of the newly implemented Unreal Engine for Fortnite with Creative 2.0, it was almost unbelievable such visuals were being made in the iconic battle royale game. Fans and Fortnite creators alike were thus extremely hyped for the newly released engine.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the new toolset, however, is the fact players themselves can turn into full-fledged map designers. Already, we’ve seen a range of stunning creations but topping the list is an authentic recreation of Fortnite’s very first map.

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Fortnite’s battleground has gone through many changes over the years. As with every single Season, POIs are added and removed, new features are implemented, and the game constantly keeps things fresh. However, from adding new structures for different collabs, to just straight-up terraforming the surface, the map we see today is almost unrecognizable from the original. 

So upon the announcement of the Unreal Engine map builder for Fortnite, two different modding groups who are focused on recreating the original Fortnite experience announced their original map projects releasing soon. 

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It seems both Reboot Royale and Atlas OG got early access to the editor. Although, the latter is actually a partnered company with Epic Games, and Reboot Royale is a community-led project. 

The most impressive part of both projects is they essentially had to recreate the map from scratch, as there are no publicly available files for the original map, so the only reference they had was videos and photos from the first season. 

The Atlas OG version is currently playable already, butcapped at 30-40 players at a time in each map with plans to expand to 100. And the Reboot Royale version will be available to play on March 25. 

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However, be warned, due to the sheer popularity of this creation, the Atlas OG version was hit with a plethora of problems upon its release. From server issues, frame rate drops, memory issues, it’s not quite flawless just yet.

Overall, the release of Creator 2.0 and the Unreal Engine Editor has fans excited for the upcoming creations from the community. And with extra monetary incentives for creators with the new Creator Economy, we will be seeing more creative maps come in the future. 

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