Fortnite’s center island is slowly turning to gold ahead of Season 2

fortnite gold objectsEpic Games

As we approach the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2’s second season, some objects on the map are shifting to gold.

On February 16, our first teaser for the upcoming season was released in a series of messages found across the world.

The very next day, Epic Games released three different teasers that doubled down on the gold theme that players already suspected.

Epic Games
The center island is going gold.

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With the season beginning on February 20, the developers don’t have much time left to get an in-game event started if they plan on going down that route.

Players started to notice the island’s center island begin to change soon after these teasers started happening.

It’s been a slow shift, but some objects have begun turning to gold. Reddit user HeyStan discovered that a filing cabinet on the island had changed while the rest of the room remained untouched.

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Fortnite leaker HYPEX also rounded up several screenshots from other players that had examples of more golden items.

One thing was in common there, and it’s that all of them are located on the center island surrounded by water.

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What does it all mean?

The gold objects are harvestable, but instead of being given a special material, players are just given metal.

This revelation certainly makes it seem less likely that Epic will be introducing gold as a building material, but there’s still currently no way to know for sure until the season actually launches.

Fortnite gold building materialEpic Games
Weapons aren’t the only gold in Fortnite anymore.

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While we know the theme will revolve around gold, there’s not really a ton of info out there about what exactly that means.

The teasers still have a few more redacted lines that have to be revealed, so perhaps they could shed some more light on what Epic have in store.

Previous seasons had a lot of lore behind them, but Chapter 2’s first season has felt a tad disconnected from previous storylines. The developers look like they plan on ramping things up again going forward. Season 2 kicks off on February 20.