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Fortnitemares 2018 start and end dates have been revealed

Published: 22/Oct/2018 17:27 Updated: 22/Oct/2018 17:44

by Wyatt Donigan


After days of teasing the upcoming event, the start and end date of the Fortnitemares event has finally been revealed.

Every day since Saturday, October 20, Epic Games have been releasing cryptic teasers pointing towards a new Halloween event that will hit the game soon.


The teasers have featured pictures and stanzas to a poem that seemed to be forming a puzzle made up of four pieces that, when finished, would paint a full picture of the event.

While Epic Games has yet to release the fourth and final teaser along with the starting dates, a PlayStation event seems to have leaked both the start and end dates of the event.


Right on schedule following the pattern of one teaser per day with the final one expected on October 23, the event is set to kick off on Wednesday, October 24 and is set to run all the way through Monday, November 26.

The event details further provide that “Spooky rewards await those who complete the new Fortnitemare Challenges.”

While there was no official Halloween event back in 2017 when Fortnite Battle Royale was first released, Epic Games released a set of Halloween skins that quickly became the rarest in the game. They also made many changes to the game, including rocket launchers that shot pumpkins and a Halloween-themed menu screen. 


There’s no word yet on what skins or other rewards will be available this time around, but given Epic’s track record with holiday-themed skins and the build-up to this event, fans are expecting something amazing.

While we await the final piece of the puzzle that’s expected to hit on October 23, you can read the three stanzas of the poem that have been released thus far:

Costumes and dancing,
Partner up, be wise.
They could be friendly,
Or a ghoul in disguise.


Tombstones quake,
Keep you fingers steady.
The circle will close,
Better be ready.

Take the shot, 
If you have enough to last. 
The wind calls out, 
“Fill your chambers, fast.”


CouRage reveals why he stopped playing Fortnite

Published: 14/Oct/2020 0:28 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 0:31

by Virginia Glaze


Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop was once a massive figure in the world of competitive Fortnite, but the star has stopped playing the battle royale title altogether, and finally revealed his reasons why in an October YouTube video.

Although CouRage got his start as a caster for MLG, he became synonymous with Fortnite in 2018-2019, going on to commentate several major events for the battle royale title — including the Fortnite World Cup, which he did the play-by-play for along with fellow star streamer DrLupo.


However, he has since stopped streaming the game altogether and has instead opted for other popular picks like Among Us and Warzone, leaving his Fortnite-centric viewers confused as to why he suddenly broke off from Fortnite.

While CouRage has been vocal about his hatred for skill-based matchmaking for some time, he finally explained his reasons for stepping away in a YouTube video on October 13, on the heels of the Chipotle Challenger Series.

CouRage DrLupo Fortnite
CouRage - Twitter
CouRage and DrLupo cast several major Fortnite events, including the Summer Skirmish finals and the World Cup.

“Fortnite was a game that changed my life forever, and a game that kind of took my life by storm,” he began. “I fell in love with it when I played right on day number one… and now, three years, later… is something I will cherish forever.”

CouRage went on to explain that when he’d first started streaming the game, he “loved it arguably more than any game I’ve ever loved before.”

“But, like a lot of people, I believe the transition from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2… towards the end of Chapter 1, I was already falling out of love with the game,” he admitted. “It became more stressful than anything.”

A mech from Fortnite.
Epic Games
CouRage cited Fortnite’s mechs as one of the reasons that led to him falling out of love with the game, as well as its steadily-growing, competitive atmosphere.

Citing a hatred of the game’s short-lived MECH robots after the Fortnite World Cup last year, he “wanted to love the game, but wasn’t able to,” also claiming that he felt its environment had changed from mostly casual to fiercely competitive during this time.

Of course, skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) played a part in this feeling, which he said was “one of the things that completely destroyed my love for the game.”

“I think it took away the ability for you to have as much fun as you once did,” he added. “Now in these games, it’s super sweaty, every fight’s a minute long… it became more stressful than anything.”


(Topic begins at 13:32)

Although CouRage listed plenty of faults with the title as it currently stands, he made sure to express his love for Epic and hopes to work with the company for years to come, but will be shifting his content to other titles for the foreseeable future.


Epic have already revealed their plans to do another Fortnite World Cup in 2021, and considering how popular the former OpTic Gaming star is when it comes to hosting such events, it might not be too long before we see his name tied again to the battle royale.