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Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha shows the desperate need for Arena matchmaking

Published: 5/Aug/2019 18:45 Updated: 5/Aug/2019 19:00

by Eli Becht


Fortnite World Cup winner Kyle ‘Bugha‘ Giersdorf completely outclassed an opponent in the ranked Arena mode and showed exactly why there should be a matchmaking system.

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Bugha is considered by many to be the best Fortnite player in the world after his dominant showing at the World Cup, although his absolute domination over an opponent in Arena was just too much.

When the competitive game mode first debuted you might remember waiting in long queues to get into a match but as time went on, those queues disappeared.

Epic GamesBugha dominated the competition at the World Cup.
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Now, players are stuck in the same lobby as everyone else with no real barriers preventing the great players from stomping on the not-so-great ones.


Bugha showed how this is a problem by pickaxing an opponent to death all while drinking a shield and taunting him. The player was never able to fight back as he made it look like it was this person’s first time playing Fortnite. 

The below clip was posted to Reddit by DazCP.

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Of course, players don’t like waiting in long queues but it’s also not an enjoyable experience for somebody who clearly doesn’t belong playing with high-level players getting matched up with them.

If we had to guess, the player Bugha eliminated was sitting under 500 Hype as they looked like they had no idea what to do.


YouTube: Jimmy FallonBugha appeared on The Tonight Show after the win.
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There’s no easy fix to this as it’d probably mean a queue would have to be implemented again. However, there is more than likely support from players on both ends of the spectrum here.

Just under a week into Season 10, it’s obvious the current system isn’t working as expected so something really needs to be done about it.

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The Fortnite World Cup champion definitely isn’t improving by playing in these lobbies as much as he would playing against players of a similar skill level.

Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney regularly drops high-kill games in Arena but that wouldn’t be the case against better competition.


There has to be a middle ground somewhere and Epic Games should work on finding it.