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Fortnite Update V5.30.1 Fixes Controller and Sprinting Issues

Published: 24/Aug/2018 11:46 Updated: 24/Aug/2018 11:59

by Matt Porter


Epic Games have released a V5.30.1 patch to fix controller acceleration and sprint weapon swapping issues that came with the V5.30 update.

The good news is that the there will be no downtime related to the release of the new patch, but players will be required to update their game.

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When the V5.30 update launched on August 23, Fortnite noted that they had made adjustments to the input sensitivity and accelerations for controllers, in an attempt to allow players more control when aiming.

However, with players unhappy with the change, Epic Games have reverted the aiming system back to where it was before the new patch.


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The other issue that came with the release of the V5.30 update was a bug that caused players to stop sprinting when cycling through their weapons while jumping. This bug could also happen when players spam swapped their inventory midair, leaving gamers unable to move until the spam swapping was finished.

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Epic Games are constantly updating and fixing bugs in Fortnite, and take user feedback very seriously. Fortnite recently announced that they are working on a matchmaking system that will match keyboard and mouse players who play on console with their counterparts on PC, to delight of the Fortnite console community.


With no downtime expected from this latest patch, players can hop on now and see if these fixes will help them get a Victory Royale!