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Fortnite To Be Enhanced for PS4 Pro On 4K TVs

Published: 27/Aug/2018 12:21 Updated: 27/Aug/2018 13:16

by Calum Patterson


If you ever dreamed of playing Fortnite in 4K resolution, you could be getting your wish soon, as Epic Games reveals plans to enhance the battle royale game for PS4 Pro.

The PlayStation 4 Pro supports native 4K resolutions as well as HDR (high-dynamic range), which is utilised by a handful of games, and Fortnite could be next.

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In the most recent State of Development update, Epic Games addressed a number of performance improvements they are hoping to make across platforms, but gave a special mention to the PS4 Pro.

Currently, both the standard PS4 and PS4 Pro display Fortnite in the default 1080p, and maintains a smooth 60fps almost always. However, it is perhaps not using the full power of the Pro console


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Epic didn’t specifically say that it would reach native 4K, or even upscaling to 4K, only that it would be “greater than 1080p res when connected to a 4K TV.”

They also don’t state specifically when this improvement will be coming, but that it will be in the near future, so perhaps players can expect it around the time of the Season 6 launch, expected in late September.

“For those of you playing Fortnite on a PS4 Pro, in the near future we’re adding support for greater than 1080p res when connected to a 4K TV. Plan out that next drop with even more clarity!”

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Microsoft’s Xbox One X console, their rival to Sony’s Pro, also supports 4K resolution, but the State of Development update made no mention of improvements coming to the Xbox version.


Fortnite uses a system called ‘dynamic resolution’ to ensure a good frame rate, meaning that when action in-game gets busy, it will drop the res to keep the frames steady. So although it may be able to hit 4K at some points on PS4 Pro, it may not be steady at 4K at all times.

In addition to the improved resolution, Epic also rolled out a fix to ‘screen hitching’, which was mainly affecting Xbox users, in the v5.30 update.

You can read the full State of Development update from Epic Games here.