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Fortnite pro Tfue reveals the perfect counter to the Baller

Published: 26/Mar/2019 20:12 Updated: 26/Mar/2019 20:37

by Alan Bernal


The Baller has been a nuisance for players since it was added in Fortnite’s 8.10 patch, but FaZe Tfue found the perfect counter for players rolling through with the help of a Boogie Bomb.

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After Fortnite took out the controversial X-4 Stormwing from the game, they released the Baller soon after which caused a different kind of headache for the game’s community.

Even though Tfue joked about being reluctant to share his “secrets” with his community, he encountered quite a bit of Ballers throughout his playthrough which showed exactly how to dispose of the pesky players.


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The key lies within the very underappreciated Boogie Bomb with its ability to force players to bust a move regardless of what they’re doing. Tfue explained what he was planning to do with the bombs in tow.

“Bro I hate to give away my secrets, you know,” Tfue said. “…When [my Baller] gets blown up, I got Boogie Bombs. I’ll just Boogie Bomb someone out of their Baller and I got a SPAS right to their dome. And if they don’t die from that SPAS shot, I got them with a gold P90.”

(Timestamp at 0:09 for mobile viewers)


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The streamer is later seen doing just that when over 30 players were fighting for space in a cramped circle.

Knowing that someone in a Baller was coming through, he peeked out of his enclosure and threw down a Boogie Bomb straight onto them.

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This made the driver unexpectedly exit his vehicle where he was immediately eliminated by the FaZe player.

Though the counter my be simple in its approach, Boogie Bombs are a Rare utility item and even when a player does find them their usefulness is incredibly situational.

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If a player doesn’t mind the bombs taking up a slot, then carrying a few around seem to be the most effective way for preventing Ballers from ruining a match.