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Fortnite secretly buffed Reboot Vans in v14.00 without telling anyone

Published: 8/Sep/2020 8:38

by Isaac McIntyre


Epic have made another secret change after the Fortnite v14.00 season update ⁠— the devs have handed Reboot Vans a buff, and changed several of the revive trucks around the map, all without mentioning it in the Season 4 patch notes.

The Fortnite developers have become notorious for chopping and changing big battle royale features without telling their massive fanbase.

It looks like that may have happened again after the v14.00 update last month, with eagle-eyed players now discovering some pretty major secret buffs to Fortnite’s second-chance Reboot Vans.

Reboot Vans now have shorter cooldown timer

According to reports from a number of Fortnite fans, cooldown times for Reboot Vans have been sliced in half after the Season 4 patch went live on August 27.


The second-chance revival machines previously took 120 seconds to “cool down” before they were available to be used again. Following the v14.00 update, that non-use timer has been wound all the way down to just 60 seconds per revive.

Fortnite removes two revive stations in v14.00

That wasn’t the only secret Reboot Vans change Fortnite fans have discovered since the Season 4 refresh either; reports have been rolling in suggesting vans at The Authority and The Fortilla have been removed from the battle royale.

This secret removal leaves just over a dozen Reboot Vans scattered around the named areas of the Season 4 map. There are none directly in the central or south-east areas of the map, however, after Epic’s unannounced changes.


Reboot Vans now silent while in-use

Finally, Reboot Vans are now reportedly silent when being activated by players. According to one player, XpertRangers56, they were standing right beside the van and still “didn’t hear anything” from the usually loud revive machine.

It has not yet been confirmed whether this last change is a bug or not, however.

This is the first major change for Reboot Vans since they were released in Fortnite patch v8.30 last year.
Epic Games
This is the first major change for Reboot Vans since they were released in Fortnite patch v8.30 last year.

Reboot Vans were originally added to Fortnite in Season 8 as an answer to Apex Legends’ super-popular respawn stations. They have now become a mainstay of the battle royale; the nifty vans have managed to avoid the vault for six consecutive season updates.

This is the first time Epic has made any major changes to the revive stations — announced, or otherwise — since they were released in mid-May 2019.