Fortnite Respawn Vans might require a special item before reviving your team

Eli Becht. Last updated: Mar 31, 2019

If Respawn Vans are actually coming to Fortnite, it looks like they will need a Reboot Card to use.

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Since the start of Season 8 players have been seeing what can only be described as Respawn Vans popping up around the map in Fortnite.

While there has been no official word from Epic Games as to what these vans are, pretty much everything is pointing towards them being ways to respawn your teammates after they have been eliminated.

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All of this speculation comes on the heels of Apex Legends, a battle royale title from Respawn Entertainment that features an interesting mechanic that allows players to respawn despite being dead.

Surviving teammates would have to obtain the respawn beacon from the dead teammate’s box and taking it a special spot on the map where the player would then be revived. 

When the vans first started popping up in Fortnite, fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that Epic Games was borrowing that idea, much like what players thought with the addition of the pinging system.

In the Reddit post above, you can see a prompt appear next to the Respawn Van that indicates a Reboot Card is required to use it.

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It’s strange that so much information about these vans are out there without actually being available in the game as of yet. 

The only real question that remains, assuming this image is real and the vans are coming, is how will Reboot Cards be obtained.

Players can respawn in Apex Legends. It looks Fortnite might be introducing a similar mechanic.

A simple way to do it would have your teammate drop them upon death as that’s how it works in Apex.

Other ways would be through chests, loot drops or just random floor loot.

It looks like Fortnite is on the verge of introducing this mechanic into the game, perhaps as possible as the next patch. Stay tuned for more information on the horizon.