Fortnite Provide Update on Vaulting Jetpacks After Being Missed from Update V.4.4 Patch Notes

by Mike Kent


The introduction of the jetpacks into Fortnite Battle Royale world was well received at first, but players quickly got tired of the transportation method.

The Epic Games team had been teasing jet packs as far back as February until they were finally released in late May.

Finding a jetpack would allow a user to scale heights at a rapid speed, and despite inflicting fall damage if used incorrectly, even in the hands of average player it often left opposition building useless.

With building one of the core reasons that Fortnite has been so successful, the novelty of being able to fly didn’t last long and people started to complain.

Once the popular streamers started to voice their concerns, it was only a matter of time until jetpacks would be vaulted and removed from the game.

Epic Games had said that the jetpacks would be removed on Monday, June 11th as part of Update V.4.4, but there was no mention of it in the official patch notes.

Thankfully for all of those who couldn’t wait to see the back of the flying device, the official Fortnite Twitter account confirmed to a disgruntled user that they would indeed be removed.