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Fortnite pro Chap embarrasses opponent with perfectly timed decoy

Published: 1/Mar/2020 1:58

by Alan Bernal


Team Liquid pro Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo turned a bad situation into an epic clip with a well-timed Decoy Grenade – and a bit of acting to embarrass another competitor.

The pro was just minted with the Grotto Henchmen outfit after entering a phone booth, but Chap was stuck in the animation when he saw another player coming up from his flank.

Already at a disadvantage, the Team Liquid BR player took off around the corner, putting up a few walls on the way to break the player’s line of sight.

Chap Twitch
Chap had to think of something fast since he was stuck in animation with another Fortnite player hot on his tail.

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The American-born Fortnite player had to think on his feet, since he’d already sustained significant damage that left him on 32 HP without any shields.


That’s when he unloaded the few Decoy Grenades he had in his inventory, summoning three copies of his character.

Instead of just hightailing it out of the battle, the streamer stood his ground to take the fight – using the animated decoys to disguise himself.

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Trying to figure out which is the real character among a few Fortnite decoys can be tricky, since the game has them performing random jumps, crouches and animations to really sell the hologram.

However, the computer-generated movements are traditionally clunky and can telegraph which model is probably a fake – something Chap used to his advantage when mimicking the decoys that were taking after him.


To accomplish this feat, he awkwardly positioned himself facing the wall, while letting his attacker slip outside of his view. The pro walked forward, away from the player, to imitate the absent-minded movement of a decoy that wouldn’t be reacting to a nearby foe.

Chap Twitch
Chap even let the Fortnite player slip outside of view to fully sell the trap.

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That’s when Chap looked to his right to see that his trap worked, since his opponent was already shooting one of the clones.

The TL pro then dropped his disguise and opened fire on his attacker who had their back completely turned to Chap.

While it was a risky strategy to commit to, especially with low health, the Fortnite pro made quick work of his opponent just before going back into the phone booth that started the whole play.