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Fortnite: Players notice unique rock formation beginning to move

Published: 24/Dec/2018 19:32 Updated: 24/Dec/2018 19:50

by Bill Cooney


Fortnite is known for including clues and easter eggs around the map that can give clues on what’s coming next, one of which, as players have discovered, is what seems to be a new unique rock formation on the move.

The Season 7 Fortnite update brought along snow to the southwest corner of the map, and the Fortnite winter seems to be slowly spreading to cover the map.

Now, it seems like another slow-moving change has made an appearance, only this time it’s an interesting humanoid rock formation.

Screenshots of the changes were posted to /r/FortniteBR by user PM_ME_GRAPHICS_CARDS and they show the rock formation between Tomato Town and Wailing Woods that appears to be moving.


The rock formation resembles a human figure that has begun to slowly move around into different poses, one looks like its dancing, while the other seems to be crying with its head in its hands.

Besides suggesting that the character’s name could be Dwane Johnson, users seemed to have no idea what this giant, moving rock figure could mean.

Fortnite is no stranger to easter eggs or hidden clues for players about upcoming updates, one of the most notable was the Cube, which slowly moved around the map during Season 5 as a lead-in to Season 6.

One thing is for sure though, if something this big is now moving around, it could mean big things are coming to Fortnite soon.