Fortnite Player’s Hilarious Video Perfectly Summarizes How He Feels About Season 5

A Fortnite Battle Royale player has shared a short video to Reddit that summarizes his feelings about Season 5 in hilarious fashion.

ZaiyoM’s post is titled “How I really feel about season 5” followed by a request to excuse him for his “amateur editing”.

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However, ameteur editing or no ameteur editing, the video has gone down a storm with users of the /r/FortniteBR subreddit, with one calling it “pure gold” and another telling ZaiyoM that he is a “fucking legend”.

In fact, at the time of writing this article, it has amassed over 7,000 upvotes in just 6 hours!

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The basic premise of the video is to highlight the sadness that ZaiyoM felt when the classic “double pump” meta came to an end at the start of Season 5.

The Major V5.0 overhauled the shotguns entirely, making it impossible to shoot a shotgun and then switch to a second and shoot immediately after.

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However, just when all hope seems lost and the tears begin to flow, he notices the introduction of the all-new All Terrain Kart, and everything is made better again!

In response to some users saying that they would like to see more, ZaiyoM shared a link to an extended version of the video on his YouTube channel, which can be found below.

Prepare for a roller coaster of emotions!