Fortnite Players Build a Halo Inspired No-Scope Stadium in Playground Mode

ipatso, reddit

A Fortnite squad built a Bounce and Launch Pad filled arena to have a no-scope challenge.

Created using Playground mode, the “No-Scope Stadium” video shows off the potential of customizable games inside Fortnite.

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The four players built the symmetrical, bouncy space and jumped in with Hunting Rifles to secure highlight reel eliminations.

The video provides a much different take on Fortnite, turning it into an old school arena shooter.

If the action heavy gameplay and symmetrical map filled with ramps reminds you of Halo, that is not a coincidence.

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ipatso, the creator of the video, replied to a comment on the similarities to Halo’s map building Forge mode.

Yup! All of us in this video are OG Halo players and couldn’t agree more. Forge had no boundaries, from utilizing the morph crates into each other glitch to making/playing Saw like maps. If only..

Some of the players would like to see Fortnite’s Playground mode include the ability to save and share their creations, like Halo Forge.

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Although Epic did not put the ability to save and share in Playground yet, the mode did return with a number of enhanced features that allow videos like ipatso’s to be created.

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Players can now join separate teams in the middle of the match and voice chat will be unaffected.

Aim-assist is also turned on in Playground, making those no-scopes a little bit more manageable.

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