Fortnite: Ninja stunned by overpowered Storm Scout Sniper exploit

Matt Porter
Twitch: Ninja / Epic Games

Epic Games added the brand new Storm Scout Sniper Rifle to v9.41 Content Update, and after using it during his July 24 stream, Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins was stunned by an exploit with the gun’s recoil system.

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The Storm Scout Sniper is the latest addition to the game’s myriad of long-distance weapons, but its special scope that shows where the storm is headed sets it apart from the other guns in its class.

Alongside the handy storm device, it certainly packs a punch with base damage scores of 81 and 85, and an exploit for the weapon that means that it fires perfectly straight when hipfired makes it one of the most deadly items on the map right now.

Epic GamesThe Storm Scout Sniper was added in the v9.41 Content Update.
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Hopping on to the popular battle royale game following the update, Ninja picked up the brand-new Storm Scout Sniper Rifle, and saw his chat explaining to him about the exploit that makes the weapon deadly when hipfired.

After listening to his chat, the streamer tried it out, only to find that it wasn’t working, with his bullets flying haphazardly.

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The Twitch streamer quickly figured out the problem though, and realised that by scoping in and then firing, the weapon would shoot in a perfectly straight line from hipfire, with no need to aim in again.

Ninja explained: “If I ADS… Yeah. Wow. Alright. So you’ve got to ADS and then [it works].”

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While he could see the power, Ninja admitted that he didn’t find it overly enjoyable. That was, until, he cracked an enemy who was flying beside him with a hip fired shot, dealing 81 damage in the process.

“I just don’t really see the fun in it,” stated the 28-year-old, mere seconds before he blasted the enemy, before admitting: “Ok, that was fun.”

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Ninja was just as shocked by the weapon’s overall damage, expressing his surprise on the usefulness of the storm tracker, before yelling in astonishment when he dealt 201 damage to an opponent with a perfectly placed headshot.

While the weapon seems incredibly powerful, fortunately competitors at the Fortnite World Cup won’t have to deal with it, as it appears that it won’t be available during the tournament.

Whether this is because of the issues that are affecting the weapon, or because they felt it was released too close to the start of the tournament remains to be seen, but fans will be hopeful that the developers can fix the exploit quickly so they can stop getting beamed by a hip-firing opponent.