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Fortnite map changes from V12.20 update – The Rig, Pleasant Park & more

Published: 17/Mar/2020 10:41

by Connor Bennett


Epic Games have dropped some map changes on Fortnite following the V12.20 update – with damage to The Rig being the headline tweak. 

In previous seasons, notably Fortnite Season 10, the whole focus of new updates was on changes to the map so that players had something that was pretty much ever-changing to look forward to.

With the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, map changes haven’t been as frequent as they once were but following the V12.20 update in Chapter 2, Season 2, players have got some twists and turns to look forward to once they drop into the battle royale.

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The Rig

The biggest change in this set of map changes comes from The Rig. The location was added at the start of season two and plays into the Top Secret theme as it is home to TNTina – one of the five new boss characters.

However, if you drop onto the location now, you’re going to find that plenty of destruction has occurred. Pieces of The Rig have been destroyed and there is twisted metal all over – while plenty of Oil has begun to leak out into the water and head towards Slurpy Swamp.

Twitter: FortniteBR
The Rig has suffered damage in the V12.20 update.

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Pleasant Park

Elsewhere, any players who drop at Pleasant Park will note that the secret underground bunker that was previously tricky to get into, can now be accessed by the Soccer field.


The part of the pitch that was closest towards the middle of Pleasant – where the wooden hut and campfire sit – has parted ways and revealed the secret bunker. The location also has a helipad symbol on the floor too.

Twitter: FortniteBR
Pleasant Park has opened up in the V12.20 update.

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Full Fortnite map after V12.20 update

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the change to Pleasant cannot be seen on the updated battle royale map, but the Oil spill from The Rig is pretty clear to see.

If that will have any future effect on the map, however, still remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to consider this a potential hint for future changes from Epic

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Twitter: FortniteBR
A look at the Fortnite map following the V12.20 update.

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With more and more players downloading the new update and hopping into Fortnite, there could well be even more tweaks to the map that haven’t been uncovered just yet.

If anything else changes, we will be sure to update this article. For now, though, be sure to check out the changes at The Rig and Pleasant for yourself in-game.